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The Doll's Minuet, C. Grade 2 Blake, D. Wil the development of lis, Little Duet, C. May Dance, C. The Piper, C. Echo, D flat. The Violin, D. On the River, E. A Hymn, F. Grade Grade Blake, D. G, []. Military March, G. Autumn Winds, A minor. The Music Box, A. March of the Elves, A minor. In Venice. Blake, D. Solve First Keyboard Problems []. Willis, Chord Forms, C. The Toe Dancer, C. Mountain Streams, C. Man-in-the Moon, C 1 p. A Busy Family, C. Fox and Hounds, C 1 p. Blind Man s Buff, C. At the Seashore, F. The Big Guitar, F.

The Bumble-Bee, C 1 p. Over the Hurdles, C. Vespers, C. Raindrops, A minor. A Relay Race, C. Brother Woodpeckers, C, 1 p. Yellow Butterflies, C 1 p. R0 April Showers, A minor. Hickory-Dickory-Dock, C 1 p. The Snare Drum, C. An Old Game, F. Rl The Drum Corps.

The Swing, F. R4 JT. Gnomes and Sprites, C. Coastincj, G. Echoes, G. Spring, C. Old Black Joe, G. Summer, G. Spanish Dance, D minor. Scout March, C. Stepping Stones, C. Company G, G. Across the Brook, F. The Jaunting Car, C. Moonglow, G. A First Book for Piano Wil 1. The Pussy, C. Winter Winds, C. Summer Showers, C. Swinging, C. Marching, C. Butterfly Wings, C. The Big Clock, C.

Sheep in the Meadow, F. Grandma's Garden, G. A March, C. Sea Gulls, C. The Country Band, C. Snow, D minor. Sing Tra-la, C. The Drum, G. Sunset, F minor. Christmas Bells, D. Rain Is Coming, A minor. Snow Blankets, C. A Speckled Froggie, G. Grade 3 Blake, D. Wi A Highland Laddie, G. Playing Catch, C. A Fairy Ring, F. Birds and Fishes, A minor. The Country Fair, G. Call of Spring, F. Bunny Rabbit, C. Waltz, C. The Organ Man, G. Church Bell, F. An Eskimo Lullaby, C.

The Cello, D minor. A Jolly Workman, C. The Call of the Ocean, C. Peasant Dance, C. I and 3. Captain Kidd, A minor. Columbus, C. Grade 3 Blake, M. Diller and E. Six Hands. Edited by Robert E. Schirmer Copyright, by Percy Grainger. I 17, No. L— The Pixies' Drill, Op. Wood, Evans Publishing. La Candeur, C. Douce Plainte, G 2. UArabesque, A minor. La Pastorale, G. La Babillarde, F. La Petite Reunion, C. Inquietude, E minor.

Innocence, F. Progres, C. Ave Maria, A. Le Courant Limpide, G. La Tarantelle, D minor. La Gracieuse, F. La Chasse, C. L'Harmonie des Anges, Tendre Fleur, D. La Bergeronnette, C. Barcarolle, A flat. L'Adieu, A minor. Le Retour, E flat. Consolation, C. L'Hirondelle, G. La Styrienne, G. La Chevaleresque, C. Ballade, C minor. I, No. I, G minor. Willis Music, Marks Music, 1 92 I. II pp 35 Grade 7 Chopin, F.

Marks Music, Grade 4 Chopin, F. Fischer, B— Selected Studies: Vol. I, Nos. F sharp minor. D flat. A chromatic waltz for Interpt. Grade 3 Cramm, H. L— Happy Jack, Op. The Passing Under of the Thumb, G. Clearness in Velocity, D. Light Motion in Quiet Staccato, B flat. Evenness in Double Passages, E flat. Grade 4 Czerny, C. I, Books I and 2. Bound form only Vol. II, Books 3 and 4. Bound form only Grades Czerny, C.

Bound form only Grade 3a Czerny, C. Schirmer, 6. D minor. Book 1, Nos. Book II, Nos. Book III Nos. Durand, Arranged by Leon Keach. Magnolias, D. The Deserted Cabin, B 4. Mammy, D flat. The Place Where the Rain- 3. To my Lady Love, A. Grade I Diller, A. March of the Musketeers, G minor. Sir Pantaloon, G. Danse Laujon , C. Exaudet's Minuet, G. The March of the Three Kings, A minor. Book, Nos. Fun, Fun, C. Sister Ann, C. Up in the Sky, C.

Sing, Sing, C. Ride a Cock-Horse, C. Baa, Baa, Black Sheep, Harlequin, C. Study in G. Marching Song, G. Pierrot, C. Sur le Pont d'Avignon, Sing a Song o' Sixpence, Bohemian Song, F. Over the Meadow, C. The Disagreeable Lover, Good King John, G. If I were a Nightingale, Study in F. Bohemian Melody, F. The Vicar of Bray, G. Evening, G. Slumber-Song, G. The Fisherman's Sono, D. Hop, Hop, Hop, D. Rhythmic Study, C. Rhythmic Study, F. Rhythmic Study, G. Skipping, C. Hippity Hop, C. Christmas Song, C. Little Bo-Peep, F. Natural, Harmonic and Melodic Minor.

Autumn Song, A minor. Irish Tune, A minor. Northern Song, A minor. The Town Clock, G. Pussy-Cat, G. Cradle-Song, F. Folk-Song, F. Soldiers' Song, D. The Nightingale, F. Going to the Fair, E minor. Lavender's Blue, F. Tramp, Tramp, Tramping, G. I P- Raindrops, C. Planting the Cabbage, F. Cock-a-doodle-doo, G. Morning Song, F. The Shepherdess, D. Little Jack Spratt, F. Early One Morning, F. Schirmer, 1. Baa, Baa, Black Sheep, C. Sur le Pont d Avignon, C. Sing a Song o' Sixpence, F. The Disagreeable Lover, F.

If I were a Nightingale, G. My Country, 'tis of Thee, C. The Fisherman's Song, D. Hippity Hop! Natural, Harmonic and Melodic Minor, i p. Autumn Song, A minor, I p. P- Jig, D minor. Northern Song, A minor, I p. Hunting Song, F. Raindrops, C. In the Summer Time, C I p. Gathering Mussels, G I p.

Rustic Song, C. The Night ingale, F. Melody, F. Soldiers Song, C. In Springtime, D. R ussian Cradle-Song, D minor. The Man With the Bagpipes, D. Berceuse, D. Waltz, A minor. Bring a Torch, Jeanette, Isabella, F. Vesper Song, G. Star of the Sea, C. The Old Chateau, E minor. Lament, A minor. I ft Two Russian Folk Tunes, G. French Song, A. German Folk Tune, A. Flemish Song, E minor. Swabian Folk Song, G.

Minuet, Provencal Melody, G. Bergerette, French Melody, A minor. Song of the Shepherdess, French Melody, G. Melody in A minor, Russian Folk Tune. Old French Drinking Song, G minor. Gigue, Adapted from Corelli, B flat. Minuet in F major, Mozart. Gavotte and Musette, Old French, G minor. Old French Air, G. Musette, Bach, D. Minuet in G major, Mozart.

Two French Folk Tunes, G. Soldiers' March, Schumann, G. Two Minuets, Bach. Allegro, Mozart, B flat. Sonatina in G, Beethoven. Grade 2b Diller, A. My Lady's Garland, G. Sarabande, Handel, D 2 pp. Minuet, No. I, Handel, Wait Thou Still! La Marechale, G. Cradle Song, Schumann, G. Ah, Mon Beau Chateau, 3 pp. Quand Biron Voulut Bergerette, G. Allegretto, Haydn, C. Minuet in B flat.

Oh, No, John! La Mere, Michel—Dans 8. Sonatina in F, Beethoven. I'jardin d'mon pere, A 7 pp. La Bagatelle, G. Foret, Ainsi, Font, Font, Allegro in F. Albumleaf, E minor. Swedish Folk Song, F. Scherzo, Reinhold, F. Studv in C. Corrente, Handel, F. Jig Martini , B flat. Solfeggietto, Bach, C minor. London Bridge is Falling Dutch Tune, E minor. Down, G. Now the Sun is Sinking, Parting Song, A minor. There Was An Old Woman, 3. Winter Farewell, G. The Rose is Red, F. The North Wind Doth Blow, 5. Happy New Year, F. PP- Hot Cross Buns, G. My Country, 'tis of Thee, Hippity Hop, G.

Creole Song, E minor. Cashmere Song, G. Leezie Lindsay, G.


Joseph and Mary, G. The Chimes, G. Polish Dance, D minor. Nineteen Birds, G. Old French Air, F. Irish Tune, D minor. Girofle, GirofU , C. The Day of Christmas, Bohemian Song, C. Scale of D. Sleep, Beloved, Sleep, Luther's Hymn, D. Plaisir d'Amour, G. Exaudet's Minuet, C. The First Noel, D. The Cruel Rose, G. Cradle-Song, G. Bohemian Dance, D. Holy Night, F. Russian Hymn, C. Christ Was Born On Christ- The Sea Gull, F. Frere Jacgues, G. Schubert Waltz, D. The Ballad of King Henry, Spring Song, G. Winter, G.

Royal Conservatory - Cello

The Wraggle-Taggle Austrian Hymn, G. Gipsies, D minor. Beside Thy Cradle Here 1 Canon in A minor. Stand, G. Jock o'Hazeldean, G. What Tongue Can Tell Thy pp. Greatness, Lord? The Poppies, D. Waltz, Schubert, C. Polish Song, A minor. Chorale: Liebster Jean, Ahle. Harmonized by Bach, G. English Country Dance, G. Haste Thee, Nymph — After Dr. Arnold, A. Amaryllis, Old French Melody, G minor. Pastorale, Old French Melody, G minor.

Greensleeves, Old English Tune, G minor. The Fiddler, German Melody, G. Flora's Song, French Melody, G. Loch Lomond, Scotch Air, F. Tambourin, Old French Tune, C. Valses Nobles, Schubert. Allegro con spirito, C. Grazioso, A. Allegro, A minor. Andantino, F. Allegro con brio, C. Diller, A. Willis Music.

II pp 1. French Folk Tune, C c i ,. Susa, Little busa, F. Old Maid's Dance, G. Lullaby, D minor. The Village Fair, G. La Romanesca. Cradle Song, F. Gossip Joan, C. Augustin, G. The Judge's Dance, F. Come, Sweet Lass, D. Dumble-dum Deary, G. Oh, Dear Sixpence, E minor.

Slumber-Song, C. The Lazy Man, D minor. Reap Ihe Flax, G. Buy a Broom. Good Advice. The Monkey. Oueen, Queen, Caroline. Cobbler, Cobbler. Old Woman, Old 5. Sulky Sue. Daisies So Bright. Counting Out. Little Gossip. The Bear. A Farmer Went Riding. There Was An Old Soldier. The Weather. A Star. Early to Bed, and Early Hickety, "Pickety. Hark, Hark, the Dogs Do Tom Tinker's Dog. Here in the Manger. Hump, Hump. Where Do All the Daisies Tinker, Tailor. Pease Porridge Hot. Bill of Fare.

The Owl and the Bumble- bee. Our Defenders. See-saw Sacradown. The Ride. Hickory, Dickory, Dock. This is the Way the Ladies Grade 3 Dingley-Mathews, B. Rustic Dance. In the Garden. Boole II, Nos. Swing Seng. Grade 3 Durand, A. Grade 2 Dutton, T. The Lake. Hunting Song. Spinning Song. The Mill. The Smithy. An Alabama Lullaby, D. Allegro moderate C. Allegro moderato, A.

Moderato, C. Andantino, A. Moderate C. Tempo di valse, F. Allegro moderato, G. Allegretto, A minor. Andante, G. Andante, B flat. Moderato, F. Allegro commodo, G. Cantabile, F. Allegro moderato, D. Moderato, E flat. Andantino, D. Allegro ma non troppo, 1 1. Moderato, G. Allegretto, C. Allegro commodo, C. Fanfare, F. Grade 4 Dvorak, A. Book I— Six Little Pieces. Good Night Mamma, C.

Swing Song, C. Wake Up Little Daisies, C. G flat, Op. Little Ones: Books Summy. The Sleigh Ride, C. Santa Claus March, C. The Blue Bird, C. Pitter Patter Come the 4. The Cuckoo, F. Rain Drops, C. Papa's Birthday, G. The Clock, C. Waltz, D. The Three Bears, C. Robin Red-Breast is Dead, F. Grade 2 Engel, H. Edited by Theodor Leschetizky. Church, Pamphlet form only 30 Grade 2 Gaynor, J.

A Harp, C. Old Fashioned Music Box, G. Grade 2 Gaynor, J. L— The Guitar, C. Interpt: I Vol. Bound form only 80 Vol. Dance of the Elves, C minor. Mother's Lullaby, E flat. March of the Wee Folk, C. Father's Lullaby, E flat, I p. A bolo tor the Cello, C. The Guitar Serenade, C. Story of the Old House 2 pp. Sarabande and Allegro Leduc Grade Eight 1. Jacob, G. Sonatina Op. Godard, B. Legend Pastorale Op. Sonata Petrucci 2. Sonatina Chester 3. Sutherland, M.

Sonatina Kurrajong Grade Ten 1. Sonata in C minor Schott 2. Lovelock, W. Sonata AMC 3. Hanson, H. Howells, H. Sonata Novello 2. Sonata Leduc 3. Sonata Schott Grade Twelve 1. Deutilleux H. Sonata Leduc 2. Sonatine Durand 3. Wellesz, E. Albinoni, Concerto in D minor Op. Marcello, Concerto in D minor 3. Cimarosa, Concerto in C major Intermediate 1. Haydn, Concerto in C major 2. Vaughan Williams, Concerto 3. Lebrun, Concerto No. Strauss, Concerto in D major 2.

Mozart, Concerto KV 3. Horovitz, Concerto Emerson. Trad, Song of the Volga Boatmen, arr Lawton. Schubert, F. First Book of Bassoon Solos Fab 3. Trad, Polka No. Hilling, L. Sheen, G. Rondo No. Bergmann, H. The Fencing Lesson. My Favourite Bassoon Tutor Book reedmusic. MacDowell, D. Study No. First Book of Practical Studies for Bassoon 2. Morris, C. Lullaby, Over the Sea. Hughes, E. A Peaceful Piece. Four Sketches Emerson 3. Perkins, l. Mattheson, J. Air arr Lawton. Arr Lanning. Dunhill, T. Scherzino, Lyric Suite Op.

Carignane Bil Grade Seven 1. Hurlstone, W. Sonata in F major, 1st mov. Emerson 2. Bourdeau, E. Premier Solo LED 3. Galliard, J. Sonata No. Rota, N. Toccata BRB 2. Sicilienne et Allegro giocoso Leduc Grade Nine 1. Milde, L Study in E flat major No. Concert Studies Op. Elgar, E. Romance Op. Archer, V. Boismortier, J. Sonata in E minor Op. Johnson R. Ridout, A. Caliban and Ariel Stu 2. Francaix, J. Divertissement Schott 3. Berwald, F.

Concert Piece in F major Op. Mihalivovici, M. HEU 2. Saint Saens, C. Preliminary 1. Hill, M. Poser H. Zehn Kleine Stucke No. Finger, G. Sonata for Descant and Recorder, mov. Taylor, S. Dieupart, C. Minuet from Suite No. Sonata for Descant Recorder and Piano, mov. Steel, C. Suite, mov. Valentine, R. Sonata in A minor, complete Barenreiter 2.

Edmunds, C. Sonatina Schott 3. Hook, J. Sonatina in G major, mov. Debussy C. Syrinx Dolce 3. Woodcock, R. Concerto No. Notari, A. Canzona Passaggiata Nova 2. Maute, M. Fantasia No. Walter, H. Castello, D. Sonata Prima, Venetian Music ca for descant recorder Schott 2. Dorward, D. Concert Duo, any movement Heinrichschofen 3. Bergmann, W. Sonata Schott Grade Ten 1. Van Eyck, J. Fantasia en echo, de Fluitin-Lusthof Schott 2. Comagain for Descant Recorder 3. Sonata in G Op. Sammartini, G. Concerto in F major, mov. De Fesch, W. Sonata in G major 3.

Fontana, G. Sonata Prima for Descant Recorder and Harpsichord 2. Baston, J. Concerto in F major mov. Trad, Amazing Grace. My Favourite Alto Saxophone Tutor reedmusic. Barratt, C. Round Dance. Harris, P. Dance Time. Goldman, E. Evening Step FIS 2. The Moon over the Ruined Castle Kojo 3. Rousseau, E. Tribute to the Tenor. Burke, R. Peasant Dance KJO 3. Gieaves, T. What is Beauty but a Breath? FHM Grade Three 1. Chanson Triste. The Young Saxophone Player Oxford 2. Boccherini, L. Classical Period Music for Saxophone Mel 3.

Mazurka Op. FHM 2. Paradis, M. Sicilienne, arr Leonard. Trad, arr Wedgwood. Fab Grade Five 1. Bizet, G. Arr Chatman. Habanera FHM 2. Leamaire, F. Deuxime Ballade LED 3. Festival Performance Solos Vol. Fischer Grade Six 1. Davidson, L. One for Mum. Ghirdoni, A. Nocturne et Sicilienne Leduc 3. Eccles, Sonata in G minor, 1st mov. Mancini, H. The Pink Panther. Harris, R. Going Straight. Unbeaten Tracks FAB 3. Aria Led Grade Eight 1. Greenbaum, S. Octennial Song Reedmusic. Bennett, R. Schumann, R. Three Romances, No.

Arr F. Elegie Leduc 3. Bonneau, p. Hindemith, p. Wilder, A. Scaramouche Op. Koechlin, C. Deuxieme Sonatine Eschig 3. Scaramouche Sal Grade Twelve 1. Ballade Universal 2. Albright, W. Sonata Pet 3. Gurewich, Concerto in E minor Rubank 2. Marcello, Concerto in C minor Molenaar 3. Benson, Concertino Presser Intermediate 1.

Dubois, Concerto Leduc 2. Glazunov, Concerto Leduc 3. Ibert, Concertino da Camera Leduc Advanced 1. Husa, Concerto Leduc 2. Larson, Concerto Peer 3. Tomasi, Concerto Leduc. Clark, Prince of Denmark March 2. Gunning, Pigalle No.

Gunning, Up the Wooden Hill No. Getchell, Etude No. Getchell, Etude no. Greensleeves, Trumpet Fancies Boston Music 3. Clarke, H.

Purcell, March No. Anderson, L. Hubay, Sonata Durand , mov. Presser, Suite for Trumpet 3. Dvorak, Romantic Piece No. Balay, Prelude et Ballade 2. Lloyd Webber, W. Suite in F Minor 3. Goedicke, Concert Etude Op. Bozza, Caprice Leduc 3. Martinu, Sonatine Leduc Grade Ten 1. Bozza Rustiques Leduc 3. Enescu, Legende I. Grade Eleven 1. Arnold, Fantasie Faber 2. Hindemith, Sonate, mov. Rose Variations Ellis Grade Twelve 1. Tull, Sonata, mov. Peeters, Sonata, mov. Anthiel, Sonata mov.

Torelli, Concerto in D, G. Vidal, Concertino in F minor 3. Porrino, Concertino in B flat Ricordi Intermediate 1. Hummel, Concerto 2. Bohme, O. Concerto in F minor Simrock 3. Haydn, M. Concerto in E flat major 2. Jolivet, Concertino in C Durand. Butchel, My Buddy Neil A. Kjos Music Co 2. William, The Hunters A. Kjos Music Co Grade Three 1.

Cherubini, Sonata No. Saint Saens, The Swan, arr R. Hammer, Studio Music Co 3. Cooke, A. Rondo Schott 2. Hindemith, Horn Sonata , mov. Strauss, Theme and Variations Op. Arnold, Fantasy for Horn Op.

20 Elementary and Progressive Vocalises, Op. 15

Saint Saens, Morceau de Concert Op. Abbott, Alla Caccia Arcadia 3. Beethoven, Sonata in F Op. Rancince Fricker, Sonata Op. Musgrave, Music for Horn and Piano Chester 3. Schumann, W. Three Colloquies Grade Twelve 1. Hindemith, Sonata for Horn , mov. Krol, Figaro — Metamorphosen Op. Bush, Autumn Poem Op. Any piece from A Tune a Day, Herfrth 2. Gregson, Slow March No. Wiggins, March No. Croft, St Anne No. Gout, Music Hall No. Gagnebin, Sarabande Leduc 3. Bach, Minuet, arr C. Gout, Boogie for Bone No.

Grieg, Heroic Song No. Blake, Walking in the Air No. Bach, Sicilienne, arr P. Rougeron from Sonata in G minor for solo violin Leduc 2. Tschaikovsky, Theme from Rococo Variations No. Corelli, Sonata in A major Op. Brown IMC 2. Still, W. Corelli, Sonata in D minor ed. Gibson, mov. Arnold, Fantasy Faber Grade Nine 1. Saint Saens, Cavatine Durand 2. Nestico, Reflective Mood Ken 3. Romanza Appassionata Faber 2. Stojowski, Fantasia Leduc 3. Marcello, Sonata No. Pergolesi, Sinfonia 3. Bozza, Ballad Leduc Grade Twelve 1.

Martin, Ballade Universal 3. Creston, Fantasy Op. Diabelli, arr Wastell, Serenade 2. Stuart Johnson, Tuba Ceremony No. Mark Goddard, Daydreams No. Bakaleinikoff, Meditation Bel Grade Five 1. Clarke, N. Bach, Air and Bouree Fischer 3. Uber, Romance Kendor Grade Seven 1. Frith, Tuba Treat Camden Music 2. Senaille, Introduction and Allegro Spiritoso 3. Arnold, Fantasy for Tuba Op. Vivaldi, Sonata in A minor Shawnee 2. Capuzzi, Andante and Rondo 3. Hindemith, Sonata, mov.

Tcherepin, Andante Op. Frith, Hailstorm for Tuba Warwick Music 2. Hindemith, Sonata Schott Grade Eleven 1. Wilder, Suite No. Salzedo, Sonata Chester 2.

Cello Repertoire List

Wilder, Sonata No. Palmer Hughes. Recital Book 1 2. Country Gardens. Recital Book 1 3. The Organ Grinder. Recital Book 1 Grade One 1. Wedding Tarantella.

List of compositions for viola: L to N - Wikipedia

Italian Favourites for Accordion 2. Come to the Sea. Italian Favourites for Accordion 3. Cuckoo Waltz. Accordion Course Book 1 Grade Two 1. Poet and Peasant Waltz. Accordion Book 1 2. Just a song at Twilight. Accordion Book 3 3. Caprice Polka. Polka Book Grade Three 1. Mees, M. Kotwitz, K. Beer Barrel Polka. Polka Favourites 3. Newton, D. Cafe Accordion Grade Four 1. Sibelius, S. The Classical Tradition 2. El Ritmo del Tango. Tango Time 3. Tick Tack Polka.

Polka Favourites Grade Five 1. Cefetin de Buenos Aires. Dahl, G. Ride of the Valkyries. The Classical Tradition Grade Six 1. Canzone Amorosa. Accordion Book 9 2. Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto No. The Classical Tradition 3. Accordion Book 9 Grade Seven 1. Monti Czardas. Accordion Book 9 3. Neapolitan Song. Accordion Book 9 Grade Eight 1. Herbert, V. March of the Toys. Accordion Book 10 2. Chopin Minute Waltz. Accordion Book 10 3. Brahms Hungarian Dance. Accordion Book 10 Grade Nine 1. Puccini, G. One Fine Day. Flight of the Bumble Bee. Variations on a Ukrainian Theme. Accordion Book 10 Grade Ten 1.

Frosini Highlights 2. Frosini Highlights 3. Frosini Highlights Grade Eleven 1. Hot Paints. La Maripoita. Olive Blossoms. Serenata Primaverile. Diero, London Bridge. Accordionaire Book 2 2. Hughes, P. Recital Book 1 Alfred 3. Recital Book 1 Alfred Grade One 1. Accordion Course Book 1 2. The Can Can. Accordion Course Book 1 3. Vegetables on Parade. La Donna Mobile. Accordion Book 2 2. Country Fair. Accordion Book 2 3. Danube Waves.

Accordion Book 2 Grade Three 1. Accordion Book 3 2. Song of the Volga Boatmen. Mexican Hat Dance. Accordion Book 3 Grade Four 1. Star Spangled Banner.

Accordion Book 4 2. Accordion Book 4 3. La Cucharacha. Accordion Book 4 Grade Five 1. Palmer Hughes, Nine Blind Mice. Accordion Book 5 3. Roumanian Rhapsody. Accordion Book 5 Grade Six 1. Repasz Band. Accordion Book 6 2. Accordion Book 6 3. Silver Skates. Accordion Book 6 Grade Seven 1. Our Director. Hungarian Dance No. El Relicario. Accordion Book 6 Grade Eight 1.

Entry of the Gladiators. Accordion Book 7 2. Semper Fidelis. Accordion Book 8 3. Turkish Rondo. Accordion Book 8 Grade Nine 1. Accordion Book 8 2. Funiculi Funicula. Toccata in D Minor. Accordion Book 8 Grade Ten 1. Sabre Dance. Medley of Strauss Waltzes. Dark Eyes. Accordion Book 8 Grade Eleven 1. The Stars and Stripes Forever. La Cinquitaine. Accordion Book 9 Grade Twelve 1. Variation on a Ukrainian Theme. Mozart, W, arr Yates.

Aura Lee Guitar Basics Repertoire 3. Bonell, C. Sor, F. Study Op. MacDonald, A. Anderson, J. Charlton, R. Moderato No. Nutall, P. Carulli, F. Walzer No. Cadiz, Moving On Countryside Music 3. Brouwer, L. Rapido No. Hart, C. Petit Blues, Jeux sur 6 cordes Lemoine 3. Andante Allegro No. Ferrer, J. El Amable Faber 2. The Storm, Registry Publications Ltd 3. Houghton, P. Aubade No.

Carcassi, M. Andantino Op. Legnani, L. Caprice Op. Lindsey-Clark, V. Fandango, Simply Spanish Montague Music 2. Un Dia de Noviembre Chester 3. Lauro, A. Ayala, H. Dowland, J. A Fancy Schott 3. Weiss, S. Fantasie Schott Grade Nine 1. Ponce, Vals Schott 2. Pernambuco, J. Grauna, Famous Choros Vol. Giuliani, M. Sonata O. Haug, H. Alba Berben 2. Carora Caroni Music 3. Villa Lobos, H. Choros No. Canto Novello 2. Walton, W. Bagatelle No. Duarte, J. English Suite Op. Castelnuovo-Tedesco, M. Sonata Schott 2. Stele Moonstone 3. Gospel hymn. Trad, arr Lin.

Bart, L. Where is Love? From Oliver Grade Two 1. Rodgers and Hammerstein. Who Will Buy?