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Line spacing is also known as leading pronounced to rhyme with wedding. Your line spacing options aren't limited to the ones in the Line and Paragraph Spacing menu. Conner's situation is worsening, and as if that's not enough, Holli notices signs of serious decline in the beloved Texas grandmother who raised her. She has no choice but to leave the comfort zone of life in New York and return to her hometown in Texas to care for the people she loves. In the tight space between these two generations, Holli initially feels lost.

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The journey back stirs so many unresolved hurts from her childhood. But something else happens in this uneasy homecoming. Comfort arrives in the ethereal presence of the mother long lost to her, and Holli is surprised to find that as she struggles to help her son and grandmother, the wounds of her own past begin to heal. The space between before and after--easily the most challenging place she has ever known--begins to reveal an unanticipated hope for what the future might hold.

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Both the story's emotional pull and intricate plot twists are sure to seduce new readers. Both the story s emotional pull and intricate plot twists are sure to seduce new readers. Read more Read less. Review "A complex, well-orchestrated family drama. No customer reviews. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon.

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October 16, - Published on Amazon. Verified Purchase. This is very true to life and challenges faced everyday by someone. And choices we make affect generations to come.

January 16, - Published on Amazon. I agreed with some of the material, not with others, OK. April 8, - Published on Amazon. What happens to a woman's life when she is suddenly pulled into the drama of her young adult son's problems? Holli Templeton had just begun carving out her own independent life after her divorce from Harrison, when she receives word that their son Conner, who left school without an explanation, has moved with his girlfriend to Texas.

The two of them have set up a household behind Holli's grandmother's home, where Holli grew up. Determined to help him sort things out, Holli plans to return home; then she talks to her ex-husband, who agrees to go with her.

But before the two even set out on their journey, additional layers of drama unfold to complicate the whole situation. First of all, they discover that Conner's girlfriend Kilian has Cystic Fibrosis--and then an additional health issue presents itself. Meanwhile, Holli's grandmother Raine begins showing signs of disorientation and confusion.

Sandwiched as she is between the two generations, Holli is suddenly confronted with memories of the past--her confused and confusing childhood, the neglect she sustained at the hands of her father, and her mother's death. Secrets from these past traumas insert themselves into her present-day dilemmas, creating unforeseen challenges.


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How will Holli face up to each crisis, and how will she finally put to rest the issues from the past? Will Conner and Kilian stay together or separate? What will happen to Holli and Harrison as they work together as a team?

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