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And the things they find there astonish them.

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Dragons, giants, true spiritual beings unlike the myths they were so accustom to in their homeland. For almost half of the book, I kept asking myself, "what does this have to do with the Watchers? The multiple story lines were not hard to follow at all, and while the various oriental names kind of were more complicated to keep up with, after a short while the key characters became common knowledge.

The book is very well written, the story line flows well, the characters well developed, and the reading level keeps this book within the grasp of most all age groups from pre-teen and up.

My only concern throughout as I was reading and greatly engaged, was wondering how someone without my extensive knowledge of the unseen realm, divine council , spiritual entities etc. Then I remembered that this series follows hard on the heels of Godawa's eight part series of the "Chronicles of the Nephilim" where I believe most of this was covered in greater detail.

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Is that series required reading before starting this one? No, I do not think so at all, as this story stands alone just fine as is.

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Would some aspects of the story and characters make a little more sense or add a bit more depth to the grand scheme of things? Probably so. The emperor is a brutal ruler and is on the edge of insanity in a mad quest to find the elixir of immortality. Antiochus meets and falls in forbidden love with Mei Li, a beautiful concubine of the emperor. But she also harbors a secret that can bring down the mad emperor.

The Dragon King First Emperor of China Chronicles of the Watchers Volume 1

It's the truth of China's spiritual past that is mysteriously connected to the ancient Tower of Babel. And there are spiritual principalities and powers who seek to stop them all. These are the Watchers, who have their own plans to rule the world. Finding and capturing a dragon is the least of Antiochus' difficulties in this action-adventure clash of cultures and war of gods. The Dragon King is the first book of the Historical Fantasy Series, Chronicles of the Watchers that charts the influence of spiritual principalities and powers over the course of human history.

The kingdoms of man in service to the gods of the nations at war.

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You'll be inspired and entranced by this book. It was truly a great experience listening to Brian. It takes me back to the narrations he has done with his Chronicles of the Nephilim.

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I will be recommending you to reading this over some of his past books first. You won't regret it. Brian Godawa is brilliant, exciting and captivating! Cannot wait to read book 2 of these Chronicles of the Watchers. I liked how the writers linked Eastern spirituality with western spirituality in a historical context.

It was especially interesting that the ancient Chinese knew of the creator God known to the Hebrews. By: Brian Godawa , Charlie Wen. Narrated by: Brian Godawa. Length: 5 hrs and 57 mins. Categories: Fiction , Historical. The ancient Western Empire is crumbling. What members say Average Customer Ratings Overall. Amazon Reviews.

Are Babylon and Ancient China Connected? Fantasy and History Meet in 'The Dragon King’

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