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Conference: Spatial Turn in Roman Studies. SCS Announcements. September Deadlines. Here are a few important deadlines coming up at the end of this month:. Conference: The Empire and the Individual. Lecture: Making Classics Public.

Making Classics Public. The Classical Association of Ghana. Lamachus, the leader of the war party, is summoned by a sudden attack of the enemy to the defense of the frontier, while Dicaeopolis is invited by his neighbors to partake of a feast to which each brings his contribution. The preparation of arms and the preparations in the kitchen now go on with equal diligence and dispatch on both sides; here they fetch the lance, there the spit; here the armor, there the wine-can; here they fasten the crest on the helmet, there they pluck the thrushes. Shortly afterward Lamachus returns with broken head and crippled foot, supported by two comrades; on the other side, Dicaeopolis, drunk, and led by two good-natured damsels.

The lamentations of the one are continually mimicked and derided by the exhultations of the other, and with this contrast, which is carried to the highest point, the play ends.


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Why is Aristophanes called "The Father of Comedy"? - Mark Robinson

London: Historical Publishing Company, About midway in the comedy Euripides appears on the scene. Aristophanes, or his producer Callistratus, was prosecuted by Cleon for slandering the polis with his previous play, The Babylonians. That play had been produced for the City Dionysia , a festival held early in spring when the seas were navigable and the city was crowded with foreigners. The audience of The Acharnians however is reminded that this particular play has been produced for the Lenaia , a winter festival which few foreigners attend.

These scruples are enunciated by Dikaiopolis as if he were the author or producer. He subsequently presents the anti-war argument with his head on a chopping block, a humorous reference to the danger that the satirist puts himself in when he impugns the motives of influential men like Cleon. The following dramatic elements contain variations from convention:. The standard scholarly edition of the play is S.

Lysistrata / The Acharnians / The Clouds

Douglas Olson ed. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the ancient city of Sicily, see Segesta. The tipsy god: sculpture by Michelangelo. The Dramatis Personae in ancient comedy depends on interpretation of textual evidence.

The Acharnians, by Aristophanes

Jeffrey Henderson. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, Sommerstein ed , Penguin Classics , p. Boardman, J. Griffin, O. MacDowell ed.

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Easterling, R. MacGregor Walker Knox, E. Sommerstein, Penguin Classics , page Surviving plays by Aristophanes.

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