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This article is about the fighter aircraft. For the s psychedelic rock band, see Sopwith Camel band. While more effective than earlier incendiary bullets such as the phosphorus-filled Buckingham bullet , they required careful handling, and were initially banned from synchronised weapons, both because of fears about the consequences of bullets striking the propeller of the fighter, and to prevent cooking off of the sensitive ammunition in the chambers of the Vickers guns, which fired from a closed bolt —a required feature for guns used in synchronized mounts—where heat could build up much quicker than in the open bolted Lewis gun.

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WW1 Fighters: Sopwith Camel & Fokker Dr.1

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15 Facts About the Sopwith Camel, the Most Effective Fighter of WWI

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Sopwith Camel Aces of World War 1 by Denes Bernad, Harry Dempsey - atucifurog.ga

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enter site I first, must pay tribute to Michael O'Connor Wordsmith he writes an excellent, thorough and trustworthy review. I have purchased numerous Osprey titles, this one Sopwith Camel Aces, being one of the first! O'Connor's reviews have always served me well! These Osprey titles are concise guides, well-researched, well illustrated with archival photos and superb color profiles Harry Dempsey is the 1 profile artist, in my opinion!

The weakness this book has, if any, is that there were too many Sopwith Camel aces! I agree with Mr. O'Connor, a few more extra pages, perhaps a Part 2 could help offset the deficiency. I strongly recommend all of the Osprey Publishing titles. September 10, - Published on Amazon. Very interesting. September 11, - Published on Amazon. April 10, - Published on Amazon. Jolly, Good Fun! June 15, - Published on Amazon. If novice RAF pilots survived their first flights in the squat, humpbacked Camel - and many didn't - they found the biplane a dogfighter par excellence, possessing tremendous turning capability.

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Dozens of RAF pilots claimed five or more kills, Camel pilots eventually being credited with over 1, victories following its service introduction in May The Camel instilled great confidence in its pilots. You have to smile reading accounts in the book wherein outnumbered Camel pilots fearlessly pitch into gaggles of German fighters, later recalling "we had quite good fun Given the large number of Camel aces, Osprey would have been well advised to add a few more pages to the book for more combat accounts.

Another delightful title from Norman Franks and from Osprey! Go to Amazon. Discover the best of shopping and entertainment with Amazon Prime.