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But, beyond that, Jesus set forth a procedure for dealing with abuse, taunting, and persecution:. Missionaries sometimes told my husband about how their companions annoyed them.

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The problem could be how one dressed, brushed his teeth, or made his bed. It might be about her personal cleanliness, cooking, speech habits, or table manners. Though many of the issues they struggled over were of little importance, their actions and sharp words could cut deeply. I cannot talk with my companion; he will not listen to me.

My husband encouraged the companions to sit down together and try to resolve the problem in a loving manner. What do we do then? We may need to seek help.

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In my employment at Ricks College, I have dealt with students who have been the targets of abuse, taunting, and persecution. When talking with them failed, she reported the infraction to the head resident, who also tried to persuade the girls to desist from their wrongdoing.

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  6. After repeated violations, the case was referred to me. The offending girls admitted their violations and discussed the problem with me, their bishop, and their parents.

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    They agreed that there would be no recurrence of the problem and that they would attend church and family home evening and participate in apartment prayer. Thus, the young woman who came to me was able to defend herself, and the abuse she endured eventually gave way to love, peace, and harmony in their apartment.


    But what if persecution is physical or life-threatening? Must we simply endure it without complaints? Are we ever justified in defending ourselves? We can find the answers to many of these questions in the Book of Mormon. In the Doctrine and Covenants, we read similar counsel to the Saints who endured the persecution of mobs in Missouri. Far from being the proper agency to adjudicate and administer justice, the state is actually the worst agency for this purpose.

    Moreover, the state has every interest in expanding criminality into ever more spheres of life - making peaceful behavior illegal and doing nothing about actual crime. This is not incompetence or bad policy at work.

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    Darrow says that this is intrinsic to the game of state-administered justice itself. In many ways, his conclusions are the same ones that Murray Rothbard came to so many decades later. Fair warning: this book is extremely unsettling. It will shake you fundamentally.

    You will never look at judges, police, courts, and jails the same way. It could change your whole outlook on politics — permanently. View the discussion thread. Skip to main content. Free Downloads:.

    “Resist Not Evil”: The Supreme Test of Christian Discipleship

    Buy Now from Mises Store. The "nightwatchmen state" of the old liberal legend is actually the core of the problem. Doug French writes the introduction.

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