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Coalition formation in the U.S. Supreme Court: 1969-2009

Reference node selection for cooperative positioning using coalition formation games Abstract: Selective choice of cooperating nodes leads to decrease of error propagation while reducing power consumption at the same time. Our approach to the node selection problem consists in modeling the localization process as a cooperative game.

From the localization accuracy point of view, observations may be highly correlated in space domain.

Weighted Voting: The Banzhaf Power Index

The decision on whom to invite and the decision of the invitees on whether to join, is based on assessments of how power would be divided between the different parties that constitute the government. But it would be foolish to do so because then the GFP and the NCP would both be able to topple the government at will.

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The more small parties join the government, the less the large party depends on a particular one, and so the greater its power. This increase in power continues uptil the point that there are so many small parties that they could achieve a majority on their own.

Coalition Formation and Voting in the Council of the European Union

The power of the large party now comes down as it has lost its veto power. The significant feature of the Goa assembly is that neither the Congress nor the BJP would join a coalition led by the other and the remaining parties and independents combined control a total of 10 seats only.

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  • Hence, the Congress and BJP never lose veto power with the addition of other parties and each potential coalition partner must keep in mind that whichever leading party it joins will attempt to stitch as wide a coalition as possible, excluding the other leading party. Therefore, it should assess its power in the resulting rainbow coalitions, one led by the Congress and one by the BJP, in order to decide which faction to join. It stands to reason that the power of a small party in a coalition led by the smaller of the two leading parties would be greater.

    Foreseeing this, each small party and independent should reject overtures of the Congress and ally with the BJP.

    In this model, it does not matter whether the governor first invites the single largest party to form the government or not. With perfect information about offers and rejections, all parties are aware of the course of events and things will turn out in favour of the second largest party.

    Thailand election Anti-junta political parties form coalition - CNN

    However, if there is imperfect information about the offers and rejections, then things change. In an atmosphere of mutual suspicion, a small party would be inclined to accept the first offer to join the government rather than wait for a better offer and risk being left out in the cold. The natural advantage of the second largest party may continue to prevail when the governor is passive but if the governor invites the single largest party to form the government first, then a government led by that party becomes a natural outcome. Such a government is likely to be more stable than one led by the second largest party. The reason is that despite their differing sizes, the three entities are perfectly equivalent in terms of the number of cases in which they are the key to enabling a subset of the ruling coalition to cross the halfway mark.