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The two CDs are black, and the labels look like vinyl replicas. Add Review ozonize February 10, Report. Does anybody have this problem too? Reply Notify me Helpful.

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Fixed a crash related to the Zone Planner in fullscreen mode.

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Fixed robots sinking through bedrock if the docking station is broken. Fixed the Builder not handling flowing liquid correctly in survival mode. Fixed a dupe bug related to the Auto Workbench. Fixed a rare "division by zero" error on world load. Fixed Refinery deleting insufficient input fluids for non-standard refinery recipes. Fixed a rendering crashed related to the "Crafting Table IV" mod. Fixed the Auto Workbench not reacting to item insertion correctly in all cases.

Fixed a crash when a machine clicked on a gate. Minor backend adjustments. Includes new CoFHLib. Added working Jukeboxes. Added 61 new models. Made it so flat planes don't have outlines. Fixed transparency. Localization error hotfix. Fixed doors crashing. Fixed bettermodlist transformer messing with other mod GUIs. It will be rewritten and readded properly in the future. Minor bugfixes. Removed an unnecessary check Prevented packets from being sent to a fakeplayer. Fixed crafting progress viewing disappearing. Fixed missing exceptions.

Fixed a crash when there is only 1 script file present.

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Updated "No Method Available" message. Fixed a crash when JEI isn't present. Removed FSP integration. Fixed: Not being able to specify low byproduct chance for Forestry squeezer. Added a text field to the link modifier, which allows setting the age seed to be used with unused age books.

go to site Fixed: Symbols which happen to share names with biomes won't be changed to those biomes anymore. Fixed some issues with showing GUIs. Fixed a crash when interacting with "non-main" blocks of the desk. Fixed an accidental dependency on Thermal Expansion 4. Added new behaviour of hang-gliders, based on real world. Added a variometer acoustic indication of vertical speed for hang-glider activated with V by default.

Added an optional mode that places grave only when grave item is present in inventory. Made the "Last Stand" XP cost fully configurable. Made the trophy drop rate fully configurable, now allows for drops without looting sword.

Configuration Changes

Limited grave spawn height excludes bedrock layer by default. Added an option for minimal tank balance threshold for performance tuning. Last Stand now properly uses value of damage after armor reductions. Cursor now requires sneaking to select a new block. Changed height map projector model to include cone when map is present. Mod now shows page numbers on the "Table of Contents" page of infobook. Rotated builder guide dome template to allow more orientations. Fixed: Blocks placed with the placer are now facing the same direction as the placer itself.

Analyst Report

Fixed: Resized the vacuum hopper's hitbox. Fixed: Limited the range of the cursor to 64 blocks. Fixed: Sprinkler item duplication.

See a Problem?

Fixed: A rare crash during tank rendering. Fixed: Luggage taking damage from weird sources. Fixed: "XP Shower" ignoring redstone state after game load. Fixed: Glitches when trying to sleep with deployed hang-glider.

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Implemented logging of fields and methods accessed via reflections. Added shaders helper functions.