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Multilingual Dictionary of Fish and Fish Products, 5th ed. OECD, Provides descriptions in English and French of fish and fish products traded internationally, and gives the name of the fish in 18 other languages. Nebraska-Lincoln , Integrated Taxonomic Information System Scientific names of organisms; phylogenetic trees. Biologically Important Areas for Cetaceans within U. Waters Special issue of Aquatic Mammals volume 41, issue 1.

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Birds of North America Online. Websites Evaluating Website Resources. Census of Marine Life.

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Provides information on over 30, species of fish from around the world. LarvalBase Provides information on fish larvae relevant in the field of fisheries research and finfish aquaculture. SeaLifeBase Provides information on over 90, species of aquatic living organisms marine and freshwater. The compilation of a multilingual dictionary on the environment is not easy.

The inclusion or omission of certain terms is an important question.

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However, the choice of terms, in this text, has been made on two assumptions: 1 the most commonly used terms, 2 their translatability into other languages without losing their intended meaning. Consideration of regional differences of the same language has been considered. The main objective of this work is to assist those involved in environmental activities in their attempt to make the world cleaner and to sustain its natural resources for future generations.

This, I hope, will help to produce documentation for meetings and conferences as well as for drafting papers for training, information and communication purposes. I would like to thank those who helped me in producing this dictionary, particularly, Charles Serex, a chemical engineer, who has extensive scientific knowledge in this field and linguistic sensitivity. I am grateful also to Huguette for her accurate proofreading. My thanks go to Sherif and his team for typing and preparing the manuscript.

A final word must be said: I do not claim that this work is perfect because certain equivalents may be open to challenge. For this, I beg the user's forbearance. Read more. Environment Dictionary. The Environment Dictionary. Chemistry of the Environment. Discourses of the Environment.

Environment-Induced Cracking of Materials. The water environment of cities. Physics of the Space Environment.

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Perception Of The Visual Environment. Dictionary of Architectural and Building Technology Dictionary. The Encyclopedia of the Environment. Science of weather and environment. Wrong email address. You're going to remove this assignment. Are you sure?

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