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eBay Tips and Tricks - How To Snipe Items For Cheap

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10 Tips To Increase Organic Sales On eBay [12222 Version]

Customers want to hear from you soon, so respond ASAP. If you have an eBay store, you can list —10, per month with no fee. Enhancing your visibility with subheads, larger fonts and so forth costs more. These can add up, so know what the value is. Saves you a discount on your fees as a top-rated seller. There are several requirements to maintain a good sales volume, including good customer feedback, rapid shipping, a day return policy and same or one-day handling time.

4. Selling - eBay Hacks, 2nd Edition [Book]

Presenter: Matthew Stoecker. File a Dispute Chapter 4. Selling What''s It Worth? Create a Listing To Bundle or Not to Bundle Reserve Judgment The Strategy of Listing Upgrades Use Keywords Effectively Schedule Your Listing for Optimal Exposure Track Your Exposure Master Expectation Management Clarify Your Payment and Shipping Terms Customize Auction Page Backgrounds Frame Your Listings Override eBay''s Fonts and Styles Use Media in Your Listings Customize the Checkout Process Make Changes to Running Auctions Let''s Make a Deal Diplomacy Answer Dumb Questions Keep Out Deadbeat Bidders Avoid Buyer Scams Chapter 5.

eBay Title Hacks

Working with Photos Keep Your Item from Looking Pathetic Master Close-up Photography Construct an Auction Photo Studio Get Photos into Your Computer Doctor Your Photos Protect Your Copyright Host Your Own Photos Make Clickable Thumbnails Customize Pop-up Image Windows Construct an Interactive Photo Album Show a Degree View of Your Item Create a Photo Collage Create a Good Gallery Photo Chapter 6.

Completing Transactions Keep Track of Items You''ve Sold Send Payment Instructions Protect Yourself While Accepting Payments Ship Cheaply Without Waiting in Line Sell and Ship Internationally Deal with Stragglers, Deadbeats, and Returns Issue a Refund Chapter 7. Open an eBay Store