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Dynamics of gas combustion in a channel with combustion product flow through a porous wall

Chapter 3: Dynamics and Vibrations. Chapter 4: Machine Design.

Natural Gas Combustion CFD Large Eddy Simulations (LES)

Chapter 5: Fluid Mechanics. Chapter 6: Thermofluid Mechanics. Chapter 7: Heat Transfer.

Chapter 8: Gas Dynamics and Combustion. Chapter 9: Hydraulic Machines.

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Pure gas dynamic lasers usually use a combustion chamber, supersonic expansion nozzle , and CO 2 , in a mixture with nitrogen or helium , as the laser medium. Gas dynamic lasers can be pumped by combustion or adiabatic expansion of gas.

Any hot and compressed gas with appropriate vibrational structure could be utilized. The explosively pumped gas dynamic laser is a version of GDL pumped by expansion of explosion products.

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Thermo-Gas Dynamics of Hydrogen Combustion and Explosion

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FAQ Policy. About this book The potential of hydrogen as an important future energy source has generated fresh interest in the study of hydrogenous gas mixtures. Show all.