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Because plastic fighting handyman marine biologist that sails the ocean, is not a job title 3 expeditions to collect samples Always looking for a solution. Studying wave overtopping and bridging phenomena of the floating barrier system Regularly found in, near and on the water. Investigating the accumulation of plastic in front of the barrier Varied background ranging from hands-on construction to environmental engineering Hoping to find a way to make use of his paraglider in the Netherlands. Coming up with lab- and field tests to improve barrier design Former product development engineer at a water safety company Loves to swim in clean rivers, lakes and oceans.

Working on the Pacific Ocean System, the system that will take out plastic from the oceans Previously Design Engineer at Huisman Equipment, Dive instructor and draftsman at Royal HaskoningDHV As a scuba diver did coral reef clean-ups, now happy to join the biggest ocean clean-up in history. Left the ski industry to study fluid dynamic interactions with the cleanup system. Covering on-site operations of the cleanup system.

Already dreaming about eating plastic free seafood in Background in building pleasure crafts, offshore contracting and aquaculture innovation. Multidisciplinary watersports maniac. Specialist in several engineering disciplines hence the job title. Now focused on QHSE Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment for The Ocean Cleanup system Previously worked for an innovative company in offshore access, transferring millions of people offshore safely from a vessel to an offshore structure Would like to leave behind a better world for our children.

If not now then when? Working constructively and productively with government in all its forms Drawing on long experience of UK, EU and US public affairs in multiple sectors Ex-choirboy, belatedly playing in the band. Hydrodynamics and coding vs. Fixing everything from old scooters to computers. I design and conduct sampling campaigns in countries abroad and assist the research team wherever needed. I'm a Third Culture Kid always seeking discomfort.

Working on understanding and quantifying the global influx of plastics into the ocean 6 years of experience in Engineering Consulting Water sports enthusiast, from frozen ice to tropical waves. Environmental Engineer MBA. Passionate about sustainability and innovation seasoned with a flavor of philanthropic ambitions to change the world. Enjoy free time as an artist painting and co-author of two books. Motivated, proactive and proud member of the team working on ridding our oceans of plastic Had a company for 12 years, so far not sorry for the exchange to The Ocean Cleanup.

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Designing concepts and materialising industrial products and machines with a special interest for clean tech sector Working on the extraction system Passionate about travelling and sports like cycling, hiking and climbing. Investigating the structural and hydrodynamic response of the cleanup system Divides even his lunch into finite elements Passionate about eco friendly motorsports. Studying buoyant plastics debris present in the marine environment to quantify the degree of contamination Background in Earth Sciences and currently finishing my Master Earth, Life and Climate at Utrecht University.

Loving to travel, especially to the mountains, and being a Dutchie I'm also so a big cycling fanatic! Wide variety of experience in hospitality and customer service in different parts of the world. Supporting the Communications team with community management through social media and email. One day I wish to have gills and live under the water, so the oceans better be cleaned by then. Responsible for the implementation of cleanup systems worldwide Experienced CEO of engineering companies, Business development and Consultancy in Developing countries and Supervisory board member of a Dutch family owned machine shop Striving to contribute to a better world through a healthy business approach.

Lived in Denmark where I got the M. Working on finding the best partners to help us protect the oceans from plastic inflow. Previous experience in Sales and Business Development for global industrial projects, most recently for Caterpillar.

I play slide trombone in a big band, which has resemblances to the work here: All playing the same tune, mastering different instruments, sometimes taking the lead, but most of the time letting others shine. Studying beached plastics from remote islands and investigating the influence of storm events in regards to beaching mechanisms. Studying Marine Sciences MSc.

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Love to explore the ocean, either by boat, on a surfboard or by scuba diving. Responsible for all legal matters such as cooperations, contracts, regulatory requirements for our cleanup systems, IP registrations, etc. On-time and Kan Ban delivery. Types include surface mount, thru-hole, mixed, cable and harness, copper and bondable, electromechanical, multi-layered, flexible, rigid circuits, ceramic, and thermal clad assembly services.

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  7. Finished board thickness ranges from 0. PCB assemblies come with immersion tin and silver, lead free, gold finger, selective gold, and other finishes. In-circuit, flying probe and functional testing, thermal test screening, conformal coating, repairing, and refurbishment services also available. Low to medium volume production. Offers turnkey services. FDA approved. Kanban delivery available. Printed circuit board PCB assembly services. Surface mount and through-hole technologies are available.

    Also offers inventory management, consignment, testing, and kitting services. Distributes various electronic components. Serves the medical, military, and electronics industries. AS and RoHS compliant. Custom manufacturer of printed circuit boards. Capabilities include design, engineering, fabrication, multi-layer, double sided, laminated, and solder-masked printed circuit boards assembling.


    Materials handled include silver, gold, tin, and nickel. PCB assembly, testing. IPC-A certified. J-STD certified. RoHS compliant. Made in USA. Thick-film hybrid printed circuit board PCB design and assembly services.

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    Capabilities include automated resistor laser trimming, epoxy and eutectic semiconductor die attach, gold and aluminum thermosonic and ultrasonic wire bonding, and in-process testing and inspection. Offers products such as surface mount, single and multilayer, through hole, double-sided, and fine-line circuits. Available in prototypes and small and large production runs. Suitable for applications such as radar, guidance systems, motor controls, current regulators, and converters.

    Industries served include aerospace, defense, medical, commercial, and communications.

    We are the future of work.

    Contract manufacturer of printed circuit boards and electro-mechanical assemblies. Capabilities include prototyping, full production, quick turnaround PCB, surface mount, thru-hole, post wave, mixed technology RF and box build assembly, cable harnessing, automatic wire cutting and prepping services. Find out where to pick up a lead testing kit and how it works. The City of Toronto has enhanced its drinking water treatment process to add phosphate, which forms a protective coating inside all pipes.

    Each year, the City aims to replace 5, substandard water services pipes through the programs listed below. Many of these pipes will be lead. The City provides a free faucet filter for lead removal to homeowners whenever the City-owned portion of a lead water service is replaced. Lead can be found in: water service pipes in homes built before the mids solder used to join pipes together before leaded-brass fixtures, such as faucets and valves As these items corrode and breakdown, lead can enter drinking water.

    According to Toronto Public Health, those most at risk include: pregnant women infants in particular those who are fed formula made from tap water children under the age of six Toronto Public Health strongly recommends replacing your side of the lead service pipe at the same time that the City is replacing its side. What is a Water Service Pipe? The water service pipe delivers water into a building.

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    This pipe is divided into two parts. The part that the City owns runs from the watermain on the street up to the property line. Toronto Public Health recommends those with lead pipes take the following actions: Replace the entire lead water service pipe It is recommended that you replace both the City-owned portion of the pipe, as well as the portion on your private property.

    Flush your pipes If it has been a few hours since you have used water, run a tap until the water is very cold, and then let it run for at least one more minute.

    Use cold water for cooking and drinking Lead in pipes moves more readily into hot water than into cold water. Breast feed your baby Breast feeding is healthy and the amount of lead in breast milk is much lower than tap water. Corrosion control The City of Toronto has enhanced its drinking water treatment process to add phosphate, which forms a protective coating inside all pipes. Lead pipe replacement Each year, the City aims to replace 5, substandard water services pipes through the programs listed below.

    Priority Lead Water Service Replacement Program : Residents that commit to replacing the private portion of a lead water service can apply to have the City replace its side on a priority basis. Capital Water Service Replacement Program : The City replaces substandard drinking water pipes during planned construction projects, such as road, sewer and watermain work.