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These, as I proved, had low, sinister motives. Their power was physical and hypnotic. An Irish or an Italian railway laborer has far more physical power over pick and spade than the conductor or division superintendent. Hypnotic power is dangerous unless guided by goodness and wisdom. Here is where these obsessing spirits have a great advantage, and especially so, where we poor mortals have to breathe vice-impregnated air, submit to the filthy, Get A Copy. Paperback , pages. Published July 8th by Rarebooksclub. More Details Other Editions 5.

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List this Seller's Books. Payment Methods accepted by seller. Bookseller: Weiser Antiquarian Books, Inc. AbeBooks Bookseller Since: May 7, The Demonism of the Ages, Spirit Obsessions so common in Published by Peebles Publishing Co. He could read the people's minds. An exorcist prayed for him. As soon as the prayer was finished, the chained man gave one or two leaps as high as he could, and then Ho-Kao said Take off the chains They were all afraid to do this, and so Ho-Kao himself took them the house, so that he.

He was quiet and seemed much exhausted, and soon fell asleep.

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The family wished to burn incense, etc. The father of the demoniac tore off, down everything pertaining to and would have nothing more idol-worship in his house, do with it thereafter. Noyes wrote again as follows: "There is a case of the supposed casting out of evil spirits which I have not mentioned. It happened ten years ago at Hin-Kong, in the Hai-Ping district. A returned Californian, named Chao Tsiming, prayed in the name of Jesus for a slave girl, who had been afflicted, as they said by an evil spirit for eight or nine years, and she recovered and has been well ever since.

The demon seemed to be malicious in the extreme. He delighted, not only in annoying, but in breaking things 'We had wasted the most of our substance on physicians without avail. Night and day we were borne down by this calamity, and had found ourselves absolutely powerless to drive this demoniac spirit away.

But Si-Hang, a Buddhist priest of great will power and force, ' commanded him to leave at once, and the man became himself again. She formerly appeared on the streets declaring to the people that the teachings of the Christian religion came from heaven; and that men ought to believe and reverence this religion. She was asked, 'Has not the Mi-Mi religion a local sect power to cast you out? Why cannot we who believe in Christ do the same? After prayer, they proceeded to the afflicted woman's house.

She then said, servants of the God whom I greatly fear. The following is from the weekly Herald and Signs of the Times, of Aug. We found her sitting on her bed, waving her arms about and talking in an excited manner. She evidently had no control over herself, and was not conscious of what she was saying. Taylor, in order to ascertain whether it was merely a hysterical fit, or something over which she had no control, called for a dinner knife, and baring his arm, laid the edge against the skin, as though he in- fits, 4 ' Obsession, the 50 Demonism ; of the Ages.

He then threw a cupful of water in her face but she seemed to mind this as little as the knife; never for a moment stopping in her loud talk. I caught her hands, thinking she was about to fall; but she seemed to get better, and lay quietly down on the bed. The next day or two she remained in bed, and on Saturday night following, she again had a vision.

The evil spirit seemed to seize her by the neck, commanding her to leave Foo-chow at once, and return to her home, or it would kill her. However, instead of obeying, she ran by herself Sunday morning to the church, and while there, the pain she had been feeling all the morning in her neck left her, and she experienced a strangely happy sensation.

Since that day she has had no return of those demon attacks which she had been subject to continually for three years previously, and to obtain a cure for which, she, poor woman,. Familiar Spirit Ejected from the ' Yong Family. Field: ''The first thing that I remember in my life is the When I was fifteen distress of extreme poverty.

She was entirely unlike herShe had nervself when controlled by this evil spirit. Then she would speak whatever the demon told her to say. My father told her that it was very bad to be a spirit medium; but if she was deter- foaming at the ' More Demoniac Obsessions in China. She never took more than two or three cents from any one who came to her for a consultation with the demon.

There were several spirit mediums in our village, but none were so popular as my mother became. Wlien I was twenty-two, my father died and my brothers said that my mother's familiar spirit was a harmful one, and that they would no longer live in the house with it. My mother was greatly distressed with all this, and thought she would try and mined to be pay for her one, she should take rid herself of her possessor; but the demon told her that if she tried to evict him, she would be the worse it. She feared him and dared to do nothing.

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But when she was released, as she afterward was, she went to live with her sons and myself. We have less money than we had when my mother was a spirit medium; but we have what is worth more than money. Moral Wreck by a Demon's Control. In describing another case in her " Pagoda Shadows," Miss Field says: ''An old woman named Lotus was made a terrible wreck by a demon's control.

Her eyes had a wild appearance. She professed to see these spirits and foretell the future. Her hands shook so that she could scarcely hold a book; her head vibrated incessantly with a sort of nervous palsy; and her seemingly wild tongue, slashed often in her frenzies to draw blood for medicines, appeared like a strange one about to fly out of her mouth as she talked. Her mind was completely saturated with the demonism of idolatrous heathenism, demon worship In a very able essay by Dr. Caldwell, long a resident —. I write of what I have seen, and I ask calmly and advisedly the startling question: Does demon-possession, in the Sense in which it is referred to in the New Testament, exist at the present timet I have met many men of the widest learning and deepest experience who could not No doubt the easiest way fully answer this question.

Strange phenomena occur in the presresurrection of the dead. They rent some; others they made to gnash their teeth. They hurled living beings headlong to selfcurred in Palestine, in Greece and Rome. In a word, they appear to have a distinct As I understand, it was not epilepsy, mania, raving madness, hysteria or dyspepsia that Jesus dispossessed; but he 'cast out evil spirits' which had taken possession of human beings.

The Demonism of the Ages

He addressed them as conscious personalities. Most of the facts which I have quoted from Dr Nevius and other travelers in China are duplicated a thousandfold throughout that vast empire. In my owp travels in that country, I have repeatedly witnessed nearly every phase of obsession detailed in Dr.

Nevius' book. China is emphatically a nation of spiritists. From the highest to the lowest, the belief is far more general than it is in America; but in the lower classes often develops into a gross form of superstition. There are vast numbers of trance mediums throughout China, mostly females, whose influences are regarded as from quite a different source from the major porThese mediums generally tion of those quoted above.

They have all the phases of mediumship They have with which we are familiar in the West. In his ''Social Life among the Chinese," Dr. Doosays They have invented several ways by which they find out the pleasure of gods and spirits. One of the most common of their utensils is the Ka-pue, a piece of bomboo root, bean-shaped, and divided in the center, to indicate the positive and the negative. Sometimes these mediums profess to be possessed by some specified god of great healing powers, and in this condition they prescribe for the sick. It is believed. The interpretations of the transformations are deep and mysterious.

The theory the practice of says : ' To know is is most intricate, The sacred most important. But when or licentious pleasures, they proceed to invoke the gods, what infatuation to Often when suppose that their prayers will move them no response is given, or the interpretation is not verified, they lay the blame at the door of the augur, forintoxication or feasting,! The lower orders, superstitious and money-grasping, often prostheir magic These clairvoyant titute gifts to gain fortune-tellers, and fortune-telling.

What good thing is not abused? Liberty lives, though Christianity wore license prowls abroad in night time. Obsession, the 56 Demonism of the Ages. But if it The we tares grow plentifully in the grain-fields. Demons The Korean in Korea. And now Russia is politically struggling to seize and hold this And so this war with lovely mountain peninsula. There are but two prominent beliefs in Korea. The one is materialism, and the other Oriental spiritism. The millions of this country never cherish a doubt of the fact that the blue above is filled with spiritual beings.

Landis, long a resident of Chemulpo, a populous Korean city, writes: ''Korea is the home of the most complex and all pervading witchcraft the world has ever seen. It is not cruel, like the fetichism of the Congo, but it is so servile and puerile that it has sapped the virility of a stalwart and attractive race. Tapanese methods of is more severe casting out these demons, though similar, than the Chinese. More Demoniac Obsessions in China.

He can become a 'Pan Su,' or blind sorcerer, and is sure to be able to gain a handsome livelihood for the whole family. The 'Pan Su' are supposed to be gifted with supernatural instead of natural vision. The helpers of the male Shamans are the female sorcerers, who are everywhere in evidence.

The function of these two classes of Shaman devotees is to propitiate the evil spirits which swarm in the air, three fourths of which demons being altogether malign. The 'Pan Su' and the 'Mutang' will not by any means exercise their spiritual gifts at a low figure. Herbert Jones, having devoted much time and study to demonism in Japan, informs us that they consult their demon spirit attendants upon all important ''Parents are counted particularly lucky pen to occasions.

While the Koreans hold woman in lower esteem than any other civilized people, and the 'Mutang' is relegated to the lowest place of all, although she is the mediator between natural and supernatural agents. Children are sold to demons by very many families. The still live with their parents, but they are considered to belong to the 'Mutang.

But they could not save her from her cruel fate. She was children thus consecrated foully murdered by Japanese assassins. It was my privilege while once crossing the ocean, have the Korean ambassador to our country, for a A perfect gentleman, he was educated in both Paris and London.

He related to me by the hour the wonders, the manifestations and the obsessions that he had witnessed from his youth up, and he remarked rather facetiously that his country had been called "the land of devils," but he added, "I am skeptical on to cabin-mate. In the language of Washington Irving, "I think, it would be a new incentive to virtue, rendering us circumspect— even in our secret moments— from the idea that those we once loved and honored were invisible witnesses of all our all actions.

Japan and Korea. The demons that obsess so many of the people are called Tengu. They also have other names for evil spirits. All fortune-tellers are believed to be obsessed. A prominent fortune-teller is called Shoko-Setsu. These pass into dreamy, spasmodic states, when strange personalIn this state of weird ities speak through their lips.

The ignorant pronounce these ecstasy they prophesy. The more intelligent pronounce these controls gods of the air, or demons of the dark regions, and priests are sent for to exorcise them. The religious ceremonies of the Japanese Buddhists and the Roman Catholics are very similar. Catholic priests of the present day cast out these Tartarean demons. Pope Cornelius about the middle of the third century speaks of the exorcists as a special order of the priests are the exorcists.

Laodicea forbid those who had not been ordained to The so-called exorcise either in the church or out. Fourth Council of Carthage prescribed a form for the ordination of exorcists, the same as that given in the Eoman Pontifical, and used at this day!

The bishop gives the book of exorcisms into the hand of the person to be ordained, and bids him to receive the power of laying his hands on these possessed by evil demons. The Mikado is allowed to have twelve wives; the Daimios eight, and the Shodaibu are allowed five. Evil spirits must obsess those that do not live together happily. Nevius "In a visit to Japan in the summer of , I found on inquiry that the beliefs and experiences of the natives of Japan in regard to demon-possession are not unlike those of the Chinese.

In the meantime, we have some very interesting statements relating to demonology in a recent work entitled, "Things Japanese," by Basil Hall Chamberlin, professor of Japanese and Philology in the Imperial University of Japan, published in , Professor Chamberlin says: "Chinese notions concerning the superhuman power of the fox, and in a lesser degree of the badger and of the dog, entered Japan during the early Middle Ages. Baelz, of the Imperial University of Japan, who has had special opportunities for studying these cases in the hospitals under his charge, has possession New Mndly communicated Nevius some remarks, of a resume ''Possession by foxes Kitsuni-tsuki is a form of nervous disorder or delusion not uncommonly observed in Japan.

Having entered the human being, sometimes through the breast, more often through the space between the finger nails and flesh, the fox lives a life of its own, apart from the proper self of the person who is harboring him. There thus results a sort of double entity, or double consciousness. The person possessed hears and understands everything that the fox inside says or thinks, and the two often engage in a loud and violent dispute, the fox speaking in a voice altogether different from that which is natural to the individual.

The only difference between the cases of possession mentioned in the Bible, and those observed in Japan, is that it is almost exclusively women that are attacked, mostly women of the lower classes. Among the predisposing which the following is to Dr. Possession never occurs except in such subjects as have heard of it already and conditions believe in the reality of "To mention its existence. She recovered, but during her convalescence, she heard the women around her talk of another woman who had a fox, and who would doubtless do her best to pass it on to some one else in order to get rid of it.

At that moment, the The fox girl experienced an extraordinary sensation. He coming! Here he is. Thus matters continued for three weeks, till a priest of the Nichiren sect was The priest upbraided the fox sternly. The sent for. At last he said, 'I am tired of her. I ask no better than to leave her. What will you give me for doing sof The priest asked to get rid of is what he would cakes and other take.

The fox replied, naming certain which he said must be placed before the altar of such and such a temple, at 4 p. The girl was conscious of the words her lips were made to say, but was powerless to say anything in her own person. Wlien the day and the hour arrived, the offerings bargained for were taken by her relatives to the place indicated, and the fox-demon quitted the girl at that very hour.

Nevins a case which came under his own observation. He stated that he knew of no cases of demon obsession in Tokio, but that they were quite numerous in his home in Ki Shiu. He gave the case of a boy about fourteen years of age, named Mo-ri Sa-no Ki-Chi, possessed by a person calling himself a name which Mr. The boy was sometimes his original self, and at other times the new personality spoke ter, Tokio, in through him. There were not two co-existing personalities the boy and the supposed spirit conversing tobut only one personality at a time. He was gether cured by priests who held a service over him, upbraiding the spirit and commanding it to leave.

The spirit promised to leave on condition of certain offerings being made. When they were made, the boy was restored to consciousness, and by degrees gained his strength and became ; well again. Nevius that Mr. Ga-maand by profession a physician. Nevius sums up his testimony on demonology in Japan in the following words: no-uchi is a man of literary culture, ''It is sufficient to state that the facts given in the above-mentioned volumes correspond throughout to those presented in the preceding chapters; showing the remarkable uniformity which, nowithstanding variations minor particulars, resulting from race peculiarities and difference of culture, have characterized these manifestations always and everywhere.

Calling first upon our United States consul, I sought next morning the residence of Peary Chand Mittra, a commission merchant, writer and auAnd thor; and with all the rest, a well-read psychic. He was for a time an automatic writing sensitive, but now his gifts pertained more to spiritual insight and inspiration. He assured me that his ascended wife was as a personality, as consciously present with him at of India, Calcutta, the city of mingled poverty aces.

There are Rig-Veda prayers addressed to the gods which are known in other countries as ghosts, ancestral " The whole social fabric of spirits, shades and manes. Among the hill-tribes, demoniacal obsession has become a sort of religion. To the same end, Dr. Caldwell, in the Contemporary Review, thus writes: "I contend that The belief is universal tribes of India that spirits, appears that certain demonolators of the present day, as far as the outward evidence of their affliction goes, display as plain signs of demoniacal possession as ever were displayed eighteen hundred years ago in PalesI hold that as far as the senses can be trusted tine.

Not a few of the persons I refer to are, on ordinary circumstances, calm and peaceful. They have their Someavocations and often pursue them diligently. He is now here His lethargy is thrown aside, the laugh! He stands before the tem- demon, the devil-possessed! He believes he is possessed of the local demon, whom he continually treats just as if it were a divinity; and ple, the oracle of the. They The shudder, they bow, they pray, they worship.

He has not been seized with epilepsy, as the sequel shows. He is not attacked with a bit of hysteria, although within an hour after he has begun his weird performance, half of his audience is He can scarcely be insane, are seemingly hysterical. You ask him.

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They simply answer: 'The demon must have seized him. He was possessed. In this state he describes spirits and announces their names. What is the most reasonable inference to draw from all this? Of one thing I am assured— the devil-performer never He ' Whether this be devil posses'shams' excitement. As a rule he must be disguised and be able to speak the language like a native, before he is likely to be admitted into the charmed circle of fascinated devotees, each eager to press near the possessed person to ask him questions about the.

When the cure is not effected, the devil is said to be vicious and obstinate. Then severe beating is resorted to, and in some instances cotton wicks soaked in oil are lighted and stuffed up the Both Hindus and Mohammedans renostrils, etc. Faith in in the cure of the possessed its efficacy is spread all over the adjoining country. Knighton likewise gives an account of a woman with devils, man named Ahir. He saw had been cast out: "A wellinformed, active, intelligent woman, with large, lustrous black eyes.

Then it was that she became possessed. Neither she nor her husband had any doubt of the fact. Possession by an evil spirit was plain to all of them, and the old hag, her enemy, who lived opposite to her, was named the Melata, the wife of a woman after the devil. Demonism Obsession, the 68 She became morbid, sullen, length, her disease culminated in dumb- accused as the cause.

At of the Ages. The woman was taken to the shrine of Ghouspore, first by beating, questioning and enchantments; but all in vain. Then 'by the Ojah's com- ness. I tied her feet. Cotton wicks steeped in oil were prepared. They were lighted and stuffed up her nostrils and into her ears. It cured her. It drove out the devil. She shrieked and spoke. She was convulsed and became insensible.

She is well now. The devil has left And it is true. In three days she returned with her. Desiring to know directly from the Hindus themselves their beliefs concerning the conditions and the employments of their dead in the future world, he sent out a circular letter to Hindu theosophists, Hindu authors, and others all over India Demoniacal Obsessions 69 in India. That those existing or dwelling in the spirit world 2. Incidentally, in passing, I remark that this New Yorkmodern theosophical movement, so far as our progressive West is concerned, is a stupendous failure —a crab-like, backward movement toward the perishing superstitions of antiquity.

Brahminism is a spent force. How absurd to seek the living among the dead. Northern India is the center of an effete civilization. The intellec- begotten, tual life once so potent Pamir is and on cities, on those high table-lands of transferred to the Western Hemisphere, Ganges' banks are old-style, plague-stricken now crumbling shrines, wasting desolation, moss- shingled ruins, and sepulchers that entomb a dead past.

The Aryan spirit can never yet, there is no death. Progress lies in the germ, not the shell. India, And aroused from her lethargy by the heaven-descending spirations of today, Western by science, in- and by an infusion of and a new India will enterprise, will rise again, blossom and bear golden fruitage. With this digression from the main topic, I will here append a condensed portion of the responses to Colonel Olcott's circular: 70 Obsession, the Demonism of the Ages. Baroda- State Demonism. Some of these souls may be so attracted to this earth by strong desires, that they may even remain in the regions inhabited by man.

There are various narratives given in 'Yoga Vasishta' a standard work on Yoga philosophy , of deceased persons with special attractions to the houses they had lived in, and some who had strong desires at the time of their death that they would be kings, etc. It is thought that these borderland souls, the worst ones of them being called Bhutas or Pisachas, have very strong earthly desires for evil, but that they have not the physical instruments in themselves by which they can satisfy their desires, and so they enter the corporeal bodies of others to satisfy their desires.

Our firm conviction is that men attract to themselves such of these beings as are in sympathy with their habitual thoughts and predominant passions or tendencies. Ever after his death he used to haunt a tree in the back compound of his house, from whose top he used to recite verses for the edification of those pupils who were eager to profit by his instructions.

Of the pranks and mischief committed by the Kama of a certain distinguished Loka entities upon men of Tamo Guna there are hun- On my first visit to Madura, I dreds of instances. Every year the number amounts to nearly two hundred. Their wild contortions and their bowlings, superhuman actions in some cases, all make the pagoda a regular pandemonium during those nine days. Kovil, in Tinnevelly, this takes the year ronnd. There is a small temple at Dattatraya, on the confluence of the Krishna and the saw several obsessed persons there some fifteen years ago, several of whom were, as their relations told me also Col.

Olcott , in a fair way toward recovery. The place is very famous for curing people suffering from obsession. PriestClinch Ganga. Hundreds of cases are, it is said, cured there. Eamnad Chuttrum Madura, were massacred at Permagoody, the last man. In consequence of this incident, the Chuttrum and the adjoining Brahmin quarters became haunted by the disembodied spirits of the dead.

The poor people of the agraharam were tormented by these spirits; all sorts of bowlings would be heard in and abount the Chuttrum murderous sounds and groans would be loudly ringing in the haunted grounds. About that time a Bairagi pilgrim from the North, who was on his way to Ramaesmaram, happened to break his journey at Permagoody, and put up in the haunted Chuttrum.

The devils also tried their pranks upon him; but he was proof against soothsayers, sorcerers and demons. The former is perceived by a gradual diminuto ; Demoniacal Obsessions in India. But in either case, no trace will be perceptible of the manner of the wound or disease in causing death. No physical remedy will stand it but any one accustomed to numerically manipulating these forces will be able to cure the malady. The man becomes nervous, irritable, a monomaniac, harmful or harmless according to the spirit that controls him.

They attack men, women and children indiscriminately, producing fever, hysteria and many nervous complaints. He used to live in Sarum, a village about ten or twelve sition in miles distant from Bulsar, in the man had Bombay presidency. Tuesday and Sunday, and hundreds of men used to flock there, asking him numerous questions. These questions were not put verbally, but every man that had an inquiry to make put a pie and some rice upon a piece of wood before the Pariah.

About a hundred such pies were placed in rows before he commenced work. In the beginning, he would untie his hair, take a brass plate and beat it vigorously, swinging his head to and fro. This process continued for about a half an hour, when all at once the brass plate would fall out of his hand, and the Pariah, continuing to swing his head as before, answered the questions put. My friend, who saw the man himself, said that questions were quickly, rightly answered, and almost all those who This his seances every Obsession, the 74 Demonism of the Ages.

The child was made to sit on the floor He said he was going to show some in front of us. He then covered himself with rettarium, and touched the child with a light rattan he had in his hand. The child immediately sat in a posture known as Virasanum, and gave me a learned dis- came to consult "He course on Eaja Yoga in beautiful Tamil verse. I was so struck with this wonder that I did not then avail myself of his permission to ask the child questions, but continued to be a passive hearer.

While this was going on, I looked at the Yogi and found that his body was motion- and less rigid. I thought he was in a trance and tried His body was at first like a corpse; but few seconds he got up and at the same instant the child began to weep very loudly. His first words were, 'Take the child away and give it milk instantly. It was exhausted by the invisible influ- to wake him. I told him that He then orI had nothing of importance to tell him.

He then made me a seat of sand in a square shape, wrote on it some letters and asked me to sit upon it. After I had taken my seat he gave me a smart blow with a rod. I then suddenly began to write. I was conscious I was writing, but had no control over what I wrote. I could not of myself write some mysterious force compelled me ; ; Demoniacal Obsessions to do About it. I yielded. I felt a sort of 75 mild intoxication. He then after some time, gave me the 'olai' to read. But what was my amazement, when in my own handwriting, I found a detailed and substantial account of all my peccadillos which I would not for the world have anybody know.

If they omit the least part of their magical cere- mony, or in any way do anything quired will power over the killed by the latter. It is considered a wicked act of selfishness— an interference with the order of nature and the law of God to converse with demons. The victim, often losing health, appetite and interest in domestic affairs, constantly broods over the controlling Pisacha, and, when not controlled by it, seems stupid and absent-minded.

She is often made to gratify his lust, but not through the marital act. On the most vigilant search no human being would appear in the neighborhood. That these wild phenomena occur none deny. The 'bhuta' has some desire to satisfy, and if that is gratified, he will be released and go away. The Pisacha seems to take delight in causing confusion and trouble, inflicting pain, gratifying low appetites and taking life. A perfectly pure and good person, if of a religious mind, will not be attacked by an evil spirit but any vicious habit attracts them.

Ignorance of religious things, also, renders persons liable to their influence. Elementaries Bhatas and Pretas are generally considered to do injury to men that are evilly inclined. They demand, or compel them, at times, to guard their property. If a thief lay his hand upon any article in the house, or any fruit in the garden of a man so protected, he from the spot or withdraw his hand is unable to until the owner stir re- Demoniacal Obsessions in India.

A Pisacha so employed is called a 'chowdi;' by accepting this help for such a selfish purpose, the sorcerer gives him a stronger hold upon himself, and he has to exercise all the more caution, lest he fail for a moment to keep the control, and thus lose his turns, set life. Sorcerers chowdis, and it is can a transfer common the services of their thing for the purchaser of a garden to take from the seller the mantram by which the garden chowdi is controlled otherwise, he would not ; be able to enjoy the fruits of the field or orchard.

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Pisachas sometimes take possession of a house, a well or a tree. They are driven away by a mantriki one possessing knowledge of mantras , by reciting charms, suspending jantras cabalistic signs inscribed upon sheetcopper plaques on the walls, sides or branches, as the case may be, and other Sometimes when the expelled from a medium he divices. Pisacha spirit-control is is obsessing, the mantriki will cut a lock of her hair, wrap it about an iron nail and drive the nail into a tree; the Pisacha is then bound to the tree until the nail rusts away.

I, myself, have seen the phenomenon a score of times at the Hanumanta, the Vishnu and the Durga temples in Bangalore. My wife has seen the same at the Minakshi temple, Madura. A Pisacha medium will not sit quiet to hear the Ranarana read; she will jump up and run away. When the devil was to fall on her, she used to tell me Now look here the devil is preparing and girding up her loins to fall her,, as well as she : ' upon me.

Be on the alert. The patient used to pre-announce the hours of attack by the devil, and she was so sure of it that she used to tell us, the assisting men, to go away, on our business, but be ready by the hour and minute predicted. I always found the prediction true. At last, the obsessing demon stated her unsatisfied desires to us with the request that before driving her out by mantras we would satisfy them.

We complied with her wishes, and till this moment we have been The devil has kept its free from further annoyance. The man who subdued this spirit was a wellknown 'white magician' who was respected by one and all of the community in which he lived. He was known The devil said, she it to be an extraordinary good, pious, truth-seeking man.

Hindu Demonism. Her husband was an eminent magician, and she had constant opportunity of seeing obsessed persons, and it was believed that probably these scenes had something to do with her becoming earth-bound. Her medium was her daughter-in-law, that is, my mother's mother-in-law. Some members of the family did not believe in the truth of the manifestations, and regarded the medium as only pretending to be obsessed by her mother-in-law. One day her son became suddenly ill; all medicine failed, and it was thought he would die in a short time.

Suddenly the medium became obsessed, and began to say that if any members of the family thought the obsession mere humbug, they might try all the medicines in the world and save her son if they had the power. The family members implored that the earth-bound soul which manifested itself through the medium, and was the guardian angel of the family, might save her son. The obsession ceased for a while, but reappeared soon afterward, and the medium began to say that she, the earth-bound soul, had to take very great trouble to drive off the earth-bound souls that had 79 80 Obsession, the Demonism of the Ages.

The medium used to become obsessed whenever there was great danger to any member of the family, and the earth-bound soul used to relate, through the mouth of the medium, that her strong desire for the children made her a Bhut, or Pisacha earth-bound soul , and that that state of existence was not at all desirable. Mediumship with us is not considered a thing to be proud of, but rather the reverse. It is sad to think what terrible misfortunes they are bringing upon their several communities by thus ignorantly breaking down the barriers erected by nature between the two worlds.

Our knowledge has been bought by the miseries of ancestral experience, and perhaps the Western nations will have to journey the same road. No medicine could cure him, and the boy became more and more violent, and his father assures us that in his fits he would talk a purer Hindustani than in his sober moments that he was forced at length to suspect, against his will that there was something spiritually uncanny about it. He took him to his native place, E. Evidently, he could see the antagonistic aura of from the pot.

In accordance with the Brahmin's instructions, the father rubbed a small quantity of water on his chest, and P. This was the exorciser issuing continued as often as the boy got the fits or trances, but His father conthe control never left him for good. This holy man gave P. By all accounts, as far as I know, P. Spirit Influences. The ' ' Mediumistic phenomena are very in this part of India. These objurgations sometimes take days before any decisive sue is is- reached, during which time the exorciser frequently invokes his favorite Mata, by his own tremors, to com- pel the control, elemental or elementary, to leave the patient for good.

The exorciser has, of course, the great- reverence for his Mata; an image of her is religiously kept in a niche in his house, which he constantly est honors and to which he offers his oblations and ''It is certainly sacrifices. Even this is not done by the mantrikas, who are supposed to be They only go through the manof the higher class. It is, even in these skeptical days, a lucrative trade. There are persons whose special subject is black magic, who are able to exorcise evil spirits from anybody, and take measures to prevent further visits from such unwholesome creatures.

Such persons are to be found in the Coimbators and Malabar districts. They phenomenally deposit rubbish in our boxes and rice-pots, tear our valuable clothes ard such other things which involve the disintegration or destruction of tangible matter. In one instance, the 'devil,' or these demon spirits used to throw some babe in the house among thorns, where it was often found in the morning.