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His first novel, High Hunt, was published in His other works include the Belgariad series, the Mallorean series, the Elenium series, and the Dreamers series. He died on June 2, at the age of Demon Lord of Karanda. David Eddings. Here David Eddings continues his bestselling The Malloreon, taking the quest across a strange continent and among stranger peoples struggling over the religion of a dead God. A story of ancient, opposing Destinies, battling for control of all men. Mengha, a Karand, has been raising demons and taking control of the Kingdoms of Karanda, with an ever growing following building up on his way.

Zakath's armies won't make it back from Cthol Murgos for three months, however, and Garion simply can't wait that long. He has orders from Cyradis, the Seeress from Kell that he must be in Ashaba at a certain time, lest his quest fail. So Silk, Velvet and Sadi have to come up with a plot that will get them out of Mal Zeth without Zakath's men following behind.

There are quite a few things that happen in this book, and it's still just as captivating as it first was.

I am finding that I'm missing the characters that accompanied Garion in the Belgariad; Barak, Hettar, and Mandorallen. They're just such great characters, and I am missing them. However, Sadi, the former Chief Eunuch of Queen Salmisra in Nyissa, and Velvet, a member of the Drasnian Intelligence, are great characters themselves, and I'm enjoying seeing them add to the story.

I wish there was more of Toth, though. Toth is a gentle giant who is normally the guide of Cyradis, but he is needed on Garion's quest. Toth is mute, however, and it appears, because of this, he's often overlooked in the plot. He has a way of communicating with Durnik through hand gestures, hi sown kind of sign language, I guess, but no-one else can understand him, so there are a lot of times where he's simply in the background but not doing much. Having read the series before, and knowing where Toth's story will lead, it's really annoying me that Eddings' didn't give him more page time.

He deserves more. Why can't more characters have understood him? Why are his thoughts and opinions not asked for? It's like everyone forgets he's there, and they only remember when he knows something that could help them, and makes himself heard. This makes me really uncomfortable. This is a character with a disability, and it's because of his disability that he is often neglected in the story. It also means we don't get to know him, really. He's pushed into the background, and, just as I'm writing this, it's just occurred to me, the way his story goes is extremely problematic.

It's actually not ok, and has made me pretty angry. I love these books, but Eddings' treatment of Toth, of a disabled character, is not ok. What I didn't mention in my review of King of the Murgos, when talking about how the sexism and misogyny in the series is made to make a joke out of the men who have such sexist views, is how Eddings writes very strong female characters.

Polgara and Ce'Nedra, we already know how incredible they are from the first series. Polgara is the most powerful woman in the world, being a sorceress, but she also stands her ground with her father when they disagree, and is a character who can solve problems when others can't, through her own ideas. Ce'Nedra is tiny, but she is fierce, and will not be treated like a fragile little girl.

And in the Malloreon, we meet Liselle, also known as Velvet, who is also a strong, feisty lady. He winced. He laughed again and looked at Polgara. Ah, no, I don't think so. There's another side to me that I don't think you'd like very much. They call me 'Velvet' and think of me as a soft-winged butterfly, but this particular butterfly has a poisoned sting--as several people have discovered after it was too late. They were meant to be funny, however, and it really wound me up when characters disrespect for women for their own amusement.

She stood stricken with awe, unable to curtsy or even to move as the most famous man in all the world approached her. Belgarath stopped and looked her up and down quite slowly and deliberately, noting with appreciation just how revealing her gown was. A slow, insinuating smile crept across his face, and his blue eyes twinkled outrageously. She blushed furiously. He laughed, reached out, and patted her cheek. The pretty Melcene girl looked after him, her eyes wide ad her hand pressed to the cheek he had touched. He doesn't have to. It's disgusting, and I was so disappointed with Eddings reading this, so angry with Belgarath, and at Garion for defending him.

Just the way he is?

David Eddings - Malloreon 3 Demon Lord of Karanda

So we let him get away with it? I am fuming. In a conversation between Zakath and Garion about Sadi selling drugs and poisons to Zakath's people, with Zakath asking Garion to tell Sadi not to sell poisons anymore, we get this little gem. I find the effects of some of his other compounds rather amusing. Just yesterday, I saw an eighty-five-year-old general in hot pursuit of a young chambermaid. The old fool hasn't had those kind of thoughts for a quarter of a century. This woman is being chased , she is trying to get away , and he finds it funny?!

I just can't with how disgusting this is. I am so angry, and so disappointed. This is just not ok. And it's hard.

Because I do love these books, I love Eddings, it was his books that got me into reading. And to discover now that these books are actually really problematic? It's upsetting. It's really, really upsetting. I just hope this is the last of it I see as I move on to the fourth book in the series, Sorceress of Darshiva. Dec 30, Narilka rated it really liked it Shelves: read-in The quest continues!

David Eddings - Malloreon 3 Demon Lord of Karanda

More has been revealed about their journey. It seems the prophecy may require an Angarak king be in attendance as well as some sort of "sacrifice. If only Zakath, Emperor of Mallorea, could be reasoned with to let them continue onwards. Urvon, in his effort to make a play for the Sardion, has summoned demons let them loose on the countryside, making the race to the Place Which Is No More even more hazardous.

As if things could not get worse, a plague has struck the city where the party is being held, effectively sealing everyone in the city. And the Seeres of Kell has revealed that time is starting to run out if they hope to complete the prophecy of Light. The pace picks back up in this one as our heroes must stop and over come many challenges.

Eddings writes some pretty good action scenes. This is the book where the new party members, Sadi, Velvet and Toth, really feel like they're a part of things, each with their own role to play and not just replacements for those people we're missing from the first series. The character banter continues to be fun, though is toned down in the second half of the book where events become a tad more serious.

The world building continues as the party goes much farther into the Mallorean continent than experienced previously. I almost wish I could visit Mal Zeth - just without the plague. View 2 comments. Jul 16, Brecht Denijs rated it it was amazing Shelves: fantasy , favorites , books-that-i-own. Another great addition to the series, not much new to report though that isn't necessarily a bad thing! I will say this: it is incredible how Eddings can surprise you with his characters. You finally meet characters they've been talking about since The Belgariad and they turn out to be nothing like you imagined them.

A very enjoyable twist. You have this idea of a fairly standard villain in mind and the next thing you know your hypothesis is completely and unexpectedly blown out of the water. A Another great addition to the series, not much new to report though that isn't necessarily a bad thing! A must have for every fantasy fan, this series. Sep 01, Amanda rated it liked it. Enough said.

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Questing, snarking between male and female characters, adequate fight scenes, full to the brim of nostalgia. View 1 comment. Feb 10, Jonel rated it really liked it. This novel is breathtaking, in a dark sort of way. Eddings is a visually and intellectually descriptive author, appealing to readers on many levels. Different plot lines intricately weave together to form an unforgettable whoel. I love how little tidbits of info appear at the most unique of times, feeding into the story as a whole.

The intricacy of the plot was phenomenal. I enjoyed how Eddings lets you get to know each of the separate peoples and cultures of this world. The in depth introductio This novel is breathtaking, in a dark sort of way. The in depth introduction gives a sense of belonging and completeness to the tale. The variety of different relicions and relicious practices that we encounter was fascinating. The geography and history of this world are fantastically well developed. I feel like I was walking through this world rather than simply reading about it.

I enjoy the way that Eddings starts this tale with what came before in a brief history and then continues on with the story. Not only is it done in an entertaining manner, but it also jogged my memory and pulled me deep into this world. I could easily imagine myself right inside the tale. It really humanizes him and shows how young he really is. I love how Garion is slowly growing into his position. He is such a fantastic character. This varied cast added a sense of realism and variety. This novel was definitely unforgettable. This is a wonderful novel. It brings us half way through the Malloreon cycle and Eddings is still bringing in new story elements.

In my opinion, it is between this book and The Diamond Throne as the best novel he ever wrote. This book gives us a lot of exposure to Beldin, another of my favorite Eddings characters. His own self-deprecating manner and the snark with which he treats the others hides a sea of emotion deep as can be, as shown in the relationship between he and Belgarath. The love thos This is a wonderful novel.

The love those two share as brothers is so intense, it frightens them both. The growing almost-friendship between Belgarion and Zakath also has a lot of attention in this book. Eddings had really hit his stride as a writer at this point, finishing this series with a thunderous climax over the next two novels and had not lost any steam when he sat down to create the world and story of the Elenium trilogy.

by David Eddings

As you can tell from this review, I like the relationships between the characters. The story sort of takes a back seat to the depth of the characters by this point. But, thankfully, the story is good too. May 25, Susan rated it liked it Shelves: older-children-ya , paranormal-fantasy-magic-etc , re-read. I am writing the same review for the entire Malloreon as it is nearly impossible to pick out each book from the series as if it were a stand alone novel; they all tie together and build on one another. For me, this series was not as good as the Belgariad.

New York: Ballantine Books, First edition. Fine in fine dustwrapper. Book Three of the Mallorean. Hard cover is in fine condition and the dust jacket is in near fine condition with slight wear. Is a stated first edition, first printing. Is A Nice Copy!!!. Hard Cover.

Zondervan, Paperback, Trade. London: Bantam Press. Very Good in Very Good- dust jacket; Some wear and tear with light sunning. Nice tight copy, no names or marks inside. DJ artwork by Geoff. Heavy book and priced accordingly.. First British Edition. First Printing; The Malloreon; Vol. First edition, first printing.

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Used book in very good condition. Some cover wear, may contain a few marks. Ex-library with the usual stamps.

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Fine in fine dj. Del Rey, No International ShippingGood condition.