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The tutorial will be concluded with a brief discussion of future trends and the likelihood of various techniques to be adopted in the industry. From to , he held several technical positions in the area of analog and mixed-signal and power management IC design at Texas Instruments Inc. From to , he was with the Connectivity Solutions Dept.

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From to , he was a member of the technical staff with the wireless analog technology center at TI, where he worked on delta-sigma data converters for various wireless standards, and on the development of fully-integrated power management solutions for mixed-signal SoCs with multi-RF cores in nanometer CMOS. Fayed joined the Dept. He then joined the Dept.

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Access provided by: anon Sign Out. Frequency-interleaved analog-to-digital conversion FI-ADC is an attractive emerging technique for carrier aggregation receivers because it facilitates an efficient way to dynamically vary the receiver bandwidth in order to address the many possible channel combinations.

Compared to their time-interleaved counterparts, the specifications of the samplers in the parallel channels in FI-ADCs are significantly relaxed, thereby resulting in lower overall power consumption in the receiver. The ERA is synthesized from the corresponding mismatch transfer function using a rigorous mathematical procedure which is shown to be applicable generally to low-pass, high-pass, band-pass and quadrature ERAs.

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Simulations confirm that the resulting low-complexity quadrature ERAs have advantages over previously proposed approaches in both performance and hardware complexity. An additional gain calibration technique alleviates image folding due to gain and timing mismatches between the quadrature DAC elements, which yields higher SNDR.

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